How your build your brand on Instagram

Instagram is big business, with a much higher rate of users engaging with brands than Facebook and Twitter combined. Need some help? Follow these best practices to ensure your business is making the most of Instagram.

5 Must Reads for Creative Entrepreneurs

From freelancers to startups, we all need a little help sometimes. Our list of must reads includes everything from legal advice to inspiration – everything you need to get you motivated.

Event Planning: Choosing the Venue

Planning an event is tough business. In part 1 of our event planning series, we go over the venue. Whether it’s for your dream wedding, corporate cocktail party or networking event, here are our tips to make sure you get it right.

SEO 101

Search Engine Optimisation is about more than first page rankings on Google. It’s about making sure content is easy to find organically by users, not just search engines. Here are the basics.

How to Perfect your LinkedIn Profile

Crafting the perfect profile isn’t as tough as it sounds, and putting in the time to get it right pays off. Here’s how to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

8 Tips for Better Networking

Networking can be a little nerve-wracking, but it can also be the most important thing you do for you and your brand. Here are our tips to get the most out of networking events.

Ira Glass on Creativity

For anyone who works in a creative industry (or wants to), you know the deal. You know you  have good work in you, but you just can’t get it out. You’re not alone. If you need a little motivation to keep going, check out Daniel Sax’s video below, featuring Ira Glass’ silky, soothing vocal chords…

The Jinx Backlash

Spoilers for the finale included, but as if you haven’t watched it yet.