5 Must Reads for Creative Entrepreneurs

From freelancers to startups, we all need a little help sometimes. Our list of must reads includes everything from legal advice to inspiration – everything you need to get you motivated.

8 Addictive Podcasts to Get You Through This Week

Whether you’re using podcasts to hone your craft, or just for the fun of it, there’s something out there for everyone.

Ira Glass on Creativity

For anyone who works in a creative industry (or wants to), you know the deal. You know you  have good work in you, but you just can’t get it out. You’re not alone. If you need a little motivation to keep going, check out Daniel Sax’s video below, featuring Ira Glass’ silky, soothing vocal chords…

The Jinx Backlash

Spoilers for the finale included, but as if you haven’t watched it yet.

The Truthiness Is We’ll Miss You, Colbert

It’s not often that a show on Comedy Central makes such an impact. In 2012, after Colbert’s episodes about Super PACs, a study showed that those who frequently watched The Colbert Report understood more about Super PACs than viewers of CNN, Fox, or other news programmes. Even more so than The Daily Show.

Orange Is The New Black: Not Enough Men?

The first season of Orange is the New Black almost made me weep for joy. Look at all these women! Look how many girls are on our TV screen at once! There was Piper, the pretty blonde girl who landed herself in prison after coming clean about her drug mule past. Was she flawed? Sure….

Why I Can’t Get Over Wes Anderson

I recently had to write a 2,500 word essay on Wes Anderson and after it was handed in, I have been unable to dream without it being a complete Andersonian world of Futura font, Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray, muted colour palettes, swish-pans and a bangin’ 60s soundtrack.